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For more information or to register your child contact us on 

 01909 500074    info@alphabethousedaynursery.co.uk

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Our Food Menus

The nursery employs a cook to prepare three freshly cooked meals a day.  Breakfast is served for children arriving before 8.45am, lunch is a two course meal served between 11.30 and 11.45 and tea is served at 3.00pm in the Tiny Tigers, 3.30pm in the Cheeky Chimps and Marvellous Monkeys and 4.00pm for the Jolly Giraffes.  Throughout the day children are given regular healthy snacks and drinks.  Great importance is placed on creating a balanced and varied menu aiming to provide children with their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.  We operate a winter and summer menu, which consists of produce readily available during these times.  A menu board is displayed in the nursery informing parents of what is being served each day.

Samples of meals are shown below as well as a full version of our Menu: