Children's Nursery Life

Sending your child to a day nursery can be difficult, whether it's your first child or you're fourth. At Alphabet House we understand how hard it can be, whether your child sails into nursery or struggles with the transition.

We offer numerous opportunities for parents and children to come and visit our children's nursery before deciding to come and join us to try and make the transition as easy and smooth as possible. As well as this, we also provide a free half-day session for your child to come and play so that they can become fully familiar with the nursery before attending.

While your child is with us in our children's nursery, we aim to maintain all routines that have been established at home, so that your child follows the same development path at home and at nursery, helping them to grow steadily.

Our happy and fun environment encourages your child to play with other children of the same age, helping them to make friends and develop at their own pace. Our children's nursery focuses on your child's individual needs, helping them realise their potential while having fun and playing.

We provide many different learning environments for your child, with all skills and tasks fully prepared by our highly qualified staff and our Early Years Professional. This means that all tasks that your child is involved in here at our children's nursery are appropriate to the development of your child.

Room Description Ratios
Baby Room 6 Weeks to approximately 20 months/steady walkers
16 children Maximum
1 Staff Member to 3 Children
Toddler Room 20 months to approximately 2 ½ years
24 children Maximum
1 Staff Member to 3 Children
Pre-School Room 2 ½ years to starting school
40 children Maximum
1 Staff Member to 8 Children

We believe that learning through play can help your child develop at their own pace, getting involved and playing with other children of a similar age. This is fully encouraged, with children separated into small groups within set age ranges for most of the day, while eating and playing together at meal times and outdoors. We believe that this helps the children learn valuable social skills, teaching them how to interact.

Children learning in a group

Our nursery is full of children of different genders, ethnic origins, cultures and religions, and treats the individual needs of each child separately. We aim to give all of the children who attend our children's nursery the best possible start in life, thanks to our learning structure.

Alphabet House, is proud to be one of the best children's nurseries in the county, providing exceptional standards of care for all children. If you have any questions or would like to enquire about availability please do not hesitate to call us on 01909 449 502 or contact us online.

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Life at Alphabet House

We know how difficult it is to be completely separated from your child for a long period of time, particularly for the first few times at nursery. It can be extremely worrying wondering whether your child will be happy and fit in, and whether they'll enjoy playing with other children.

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